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Definition of Internet.

It is the global network of billions of computers and other electronic devices. (GCF Global, Tech Target)

How the internet works

The internet is a global network of physical cables which include copper telephone wires, Tv cables and fiber optic cables. Similarly, wireless connections like Wi-Fi and 3G/4G rely on these physical cables to access the Internet.

When you visit a website, your computer sends a request over these wires to a server. (A server is where websites are stored), and it works a lot like your computer’s hard drive. Once the request arrives, the server retrieves the website and sends the correct data back to your computer just within a twinkle of an eye. (GCF Global)

Online is the connection of computer to the internet.

Online earning is the method of making money online with the help of internet.

It may include owning a website, beginning an online business or opting for other options of online earning that are obtainable from the Internet such as WhatsApp, Facebook, twitter, YouTube, Instagram etc. (Clear tax)


While WhatsApp itself doesn’t allow ads or commercial transactions, there are still plenty of ways to take advantage of its unique format and earn small sums of money here and there. Following are the few ways you can look out to earn through using WhatsApp:



Affiliate marketing is a platform where you promote the specific product on behalf of a company.

In affiliate marketing, you can get commission that is dependent upon the product, which you have to sell. You have to choose the product you want to promote.

After settling for one, get your affiliate URL and start promoting it on WhatsApp by sharing the link with your contacts and connected groups.

  1. Using PPD Networks (pay per download)

In PPD you will be paid if users download your uploaded files. For example, you can go for among other PPD websites. Open load is one of the best PPD website across the globe as it gives higher payouts and is quite easy to sign up and get started. Here you have to upload all the movies, images, songs and other interesting videos, share the link with your WhatsApp contact. When your uploaded files are downloaded from the link, you are paid for that. For every download, you obtain some money.

  1. Viral Content.

There are millions of websites on the Internet flooded with articles, ads and contents. There is a way to earn money by sharing that useful content with your contacts on WhatsApp.

When it comes to this method, it is all about using paid URL shortening services such as, etc. Such paid URL shortening services allow users to shorten links to various web properties using their site. And for each click the new, shortened link gets, the user will be paid a certain amount of money!




  1. Drive traffic to your blog

A lot of bloggers make money from WhatsApp by driving traffic from it to their blog. Blogging is one of the best ways to make money online, but to make money from your blog, you need traffic. Traffic means people visiting your blog. That is where WhatsApp comes in.

  1. Make your own product and skills.

Another way to make money and take total control of your WhatsApp is to make your own products and skills rather than affiliate marketing.

With your products or services, you can make a business card and send to your contacts or groups and tell them how much discount you are offering them.

  1. Promoting Applications (Apps)

This option is unique in its way because here you don’t get direct money, but you can get some free stuff such as free recharge, Paytm cash etc. or instant recharge, you can use some other apps such as task bucks, earn talk time, ladoo etc. so if you really want free recharge you have to share the referral link with your WhatsApp contact.

  1. Become a WhatsApp marketer for business.

This will make you earn just by promoting business on WhatsApp. All you need is to have many contacts, be in groups with a lot of contacts, advertise yourself on social media platforms, forums, i.e. I can help you reach 2k customers on WhatsApp.








Facebook has more than 2.9 billion compared to Instagram 1.3 billion, Tik Tok 1Billion, on Twitter 396 million.



  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. Running Ads
  3. Selling item on FB
  4. Creative videos with stream Ads
  5. Adding of paid subscriptions to your page
  6. Collaborate with brands
  7. Earn money directly from fans
  8. Run paid events online
  9. Drive visitors to your online store
  10. Reels
  11. Brand ambassadors / influencers
  12. Managing FB social media forums


Advantages of using FB to make money.

  1. Brand awareness. FB is one of the largest social media platforms in the world. Your business will help you gain exposure to potential customers.
  2. Drives website traffic. By posting links to your website, you can help increase online visits if you’re managing someone’s page.
  3. Targeted advertising. Facebook advertising allows you to target specific demographics based on location, age, gender and interests.
  4. Generate business leads. Your audience of Facebook ‘likes’ can be a great starting point to gather sales leads. You can use competitions and giveaways to gather email address to build your marketing lists.
  5. Customer service and feedback. Facebook allows two-way communication between business and their customers. You can use the messaging service to deal directly with your customers.

Reviews and comments can be a great way to gather customer feedback and find areas for improvement.

  1. Monitor and improve. Use data from your Facebook pages. Facebook insights to understand what content works best and plan for the future.
  2. Forms professional bonds between competitors. Networking has always been a key component of business.
  3. Facebook offers platforms for professional groups where you get advice and discuss on various issues pertaining a certain profession.




  1. Time and resources. Setting up and running a Facebook page requires a time investment. You may need a member of staff who can take social media duties and have enough time to manage the page well and create engaging content.
  2. The staff members who manage your Facebook may need training to ensure they have the right skills. They should be able to plan and create content, respond to enquiries and complaints, and request your business.
  3. To make the most on Facebook, you will probably need to invest in paid for advertising and this will require its own budget.
  4. Negative feedback. The two-way communication feedback means that unhappy customers can voice their complaints publicly. It is important to handle those complaints well as your response will be under scrutiny from your audience. It’s not advisable to delete genuine negative comments though.
  5. You can lose money when it shuts down as it often does or even when you happen to forget your password. Especially when you rely on view and adverts.
  6. You can lose clients if someone deiced to which hunt you or negative publicity or even discredits your content /product.


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Is a photo and video sharing social networking service owned by American company meta platforms. The app allows users to upload media that can be edited with filters and organized by hashtags and geographical tagging.



  • Find like-minded users
  • Market your content
  • Make money
  • Share photos and videos
  • Brand your business
  • Free tools help you succeed
  • Engagement is easy
  • Impressive filters for beautification.





1.Instagram QR codes

The QR scan codes help the Instagrammers find and add them to the following list. This helps in getting more followers and sharing them with people, who will help you to scan and access the profile.




2.Instagram Stories

The stories on Instagram had the concept of stories from Snapchat that last for 24 hours. Users can add texts, stickers, polls, GIFs, filters, and even tag their friends and followers.

3.Disappearing DMs

The feature of disappearing DMS is where the photos or videos can be sent either as a group or individual message.


It is another popular feature of Instagram that has a standalone video application for Android and iOS users. It has longer videos than Instagram feeds. It’s a standalone app that has its functionality within the Instagram app.



This feature allows users to pin up to three comments on the top posts. Along with this gesture, it helps the users to respond to the post by just swiping on the comment they want to pin from left to right.


The boomerangs contain the effects like slow-mo., echo, duo, and trimming effects which makes it fun to use.

7.Mute post/stories

The platform has mute options that add the feature of staying safe on the Instagram platform and mute posts and stories to stop the posts that you don’t want to view.



8.Follow hashtags

The following hashtags play an important role in keeping the popularity of any trending topic on social media.

9.Archive Posts/Stories

As the stories disappear in 24 hours but there is a feature that will help you keep the stories that disappeared within 24 hours.

  1. Instagram Reels

Reels are the viral growth on Instagram right now. It creates a way to create and discover short and entertaining videos for the followers. The fun videos get the users engaged to share it instantly with audio, effects, and new creative tools.






  1. Set up an Instagram shop

Instagram shops are a direct method of making money from the app. Users can buy products using the platforms native e-commerce tools.

Instagram shops are impulse buyers’ best friend. Your Shoppable products or services will show up in your follower’s news feed along with regular posts.


  1. Set up countdowns to new Launches.

You can give your followers a sneak peek of new releases, Launches or products lines and using the countdown or Reminder functions, you can provide potential customers with a simple way to flag when those new products will be visible for sale.



     3.Promote special offers.

Use Instagram to showcase all the great things about your business anytime you are having a sale.


     4.Partner with creators.

Influencer marketing allows you to share your company with the creator’s audience.

When you are researching folks to collaborate with, make sure you pay attention to their content and values.

To collaborate with creators who would be likely to try or like your products. You can offer the creator money, goods, or an affiliate deal in exchange for posting about your company.


5.Schedule Shoppable Instagram posts with Hootsuite.

You can create and schedule or auto publish Shoppable Instagram photos, videos, and carousel posts alongside all your other social media content using Hootsuite.


     6.Straight -up advertise

Advertising on Instagram is one of the ways you can make money on the platforms and actually track your progress.

You can turn any post into an ad by boosting it, and your Instagram analytics will tell you how much of a difference the boost.


     7.Partner with other business

Partnership with other business give folks on both sides of the deal on opportunity to interact with a wider consumer base.

Try contacting other business like yours and hosting a contest or giveaway.


      8.Create sponsored posts for brands that want to get in front of your audience.


      9.Become an affiliate and making a commission selling other brands products.

     10.Create and selling a physical or digital products or offering it paid service.


 It’s a brand for a website on which users can post view or share videos online.


Users can search for and watch videos on this website

Create a personal you tube channel

Upload videos to your channel to get subscription

Your users can subscribe


Tap into the horde of you tube traffic

Marketing on you tube will help your business to be found on google

Your content never dies

There is a greater opportunity to grow your business world wide

Build your email list in you tube

Your audience will promote you and buy from you through subscription

Target your audience with ad words for video


Easy to use the you tube service

Good source can earn revenue

A lot of fun interacting with you tube

Great for building audience

You can get paid well on this platform



Inappropriate content also uploaded

Bullying and defamation is easily done

Little difficult to start earning

Not easy to concentrate on a single topic

Editing is time consuming

You don’t own your channel

You tube is very competitive.








Advantages of earning online

  1. Flexibility: You can work any day, any hour and anywhere you want and have internet connection. You are your own boss, and you do not seek permission from anyone to carry on with your activities.
  2. No need for investment: You don’t need to have an office; you can designate a working space at your house and turn it into an adorable home office. Maybe you only need to buy a computer and install internet connection.
  3. Endless possibilities: There are a thousand different ways to write the title of your subject online. For example, if you try to google how to become rich, you’ll find endless possibilities.
  4. Safe and Easy: Most of the online payment is executed via PayPal, which is the safest and easiest to use online transaction system. And the best part is, you don’t have to do anything! The money is automatically transferred, converted, you don’t have to go to banks, cash-in checks or anything, they’re yours to spend in one click!
  5. Completely Effortless: In most cases you don’t need to meet any education requirement and experience to make money online. All you need is to invest your time due to the fact that it is time consuming.









Challenges of making money online.

  1. Lack of delegation: Too much workload may contribute a failure to your business. Learn to delegate some duties to other people will boost productivity and increase the viability of your business. Hire personnel like virtual assistant.
  2. Lack of patience: People put too much thirst on making a lot of money right away and lack patience to build the business.
  3. Lack of discipline: Making money online takes discipline to schedule working hours in and stick to that schedule. An online business goes a lot further than simply setting up a cheap website or posting a few articles, or even taking part in surveys.
  4. Lack of knowledge: People tend to believe that making money online is simple, easy, cheap and doesn’t require hard work or research involved. Some even believe that it takes advanced degrees or certifications to land them with a successful and lucrative business. Writers need to read and study grammar, marketers need to learn social media and online advertising, designers need to master code and keep up with an ever-changing set of skills and designs.
  5. Lack of Leadership or a Supportive Team: Even if your leadership is you or your spouse, and the team is your kids, family, or friends, lack of support will turn up a shoddy product. If it’s your family who isn’t providing the support, hold a meeting and see what it takes to get them on board with the goals. If it’s your chosen online company or colleagues, see which can be replaced and which simply need more leadership or teamwork in return.
  6. Lack of Preparation: Too many people go into the online businesses either wholly unprepared or too hard headed to learn online business strategies. Becoming a strategist and successful online business owner takes an open mind and being prepared to learn and absorb as much as you implement and goal reach.

Source: Lukasz Zelezny SEO Expert.




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