Sir Alex Ferguson during a previous match at Old Trafford, August 2009

If you’re a present or future manager, coach, player or referee in the EPL, you dare not, I repeat, you dare not criticize Sir Alex Ferguson! If you do, “the curse of the Ferguson” will make you wish you hadn’t!

Poor Rafael Benitez. When he talked with the reporters before the Stoke City game, and quite shockingly went on a rant slating Manchester United and Sir Alex Ferguson, everyone saw the funny side of it, and thought it was the start of a colossal battle of words between him and Ferguson.

But I knew,that it was in fact the beginning of a rather disappointing time for him. He had just triggered the curse!

Sir Alex Ferguson is never far from controversy, and Manchester United, outside its realm of millions of supporters, isn’t exactly a club beloved by all. But Rafa, Rafa, Rafa… friend, there is a reason they don’t criticize the great one! Because you unleash the curse!

Even after the draw against Stoke, he remained adamant and said he stood by his words, and that in fact he had shown courage by talking openly about a subject which others have wanted to speak of, but didn’t. But merely wishing doesn’t unleash the curse, talking openly in the media does!

Ever since Rafael Benitez has come out in the open and criticized Ferguson, things have gone from bad to worse.

A team struggling in the relegation zone, Stoke City, churned out a draw with Liverpool, just the next day. Rafa, reportedly had a falling out with his American club owners and refused to renew his contract, even spouting rumors that he was going to leave the club. And yesterday, in the prestigious Merseyside derby, a team with no recognized strikers—Everton, held them to a 1-1 draw.

On the other hand, Manchester United won their game in the mid-week against Wigan and on the weekend against Bolton, and thus snatched the lead of the Premiership from Liverpool. Though level on points, ahead on goal difference and with a game in hand, Manchester United probably already have one hand on the title.

With another Merseyside derby in the FA Cup approaching next weekend, and the Steven Gerrard hearing on the 23rd, what if things get worse? Can Rafa afford that? Of course not!

Do one thing Mr. Benitez. Call Sir Alex Ferguson, apologize, send him a few gifts, laugh at the failed attempt by Man City to buy Kaka for 100 million pounds, tell him he still looks young, say the referees are unfair to Manchester United. Do whatever it takes Rafa, whatever it takes! Then maybe…maybe…the curse will be lifted!

However from Manchester to Mumbai, from Liverpool to Lima. Let it be announced—thou shalt not criticize Sir Alex Ferguson!

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