Waiguru To Address UN Conference On Climate Change (COP 27) In Egypt

The Council of Governors (COG) Chair Anne Waiguru is set to address the 27th UN Conference on climate taking place in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt on Thursday, November 10.


The conference has brought together parties to the UN Climate agreement of 1992 and will be moderated by Chatham House.

Waiguru, who is also Kirinyaga County Governor, will address a session on climate action in a changing world, assessing the vital role of states and regions. The session will examine multilevel action where subnational and international actors can work together to drive climate progress faster and respond to a rapidly changing world. 


Conference of the Parties (COP) 27 aims at sharing updates on the progress of state, regional and devolved governments towards mitigation and adaption since the last COP conference. It is also supposed to underline the important role of all levels of government in global climate processes and present key recommendations and scalable solutions on how to further accelerate progress and regionalize climate commitments. 

Governor Waiguru will be making her presentation alongside Mrs. Marilla Carvalho de Melo, Secretary of State for Environment and Sustainable Development, Minas Gerass (Brazil).

She is expected to highlight how the international community can support states and regions to speed up their efforts in fighting global warming.

The governor will give insights on various actions that the National Government as well as the 47 counties are taking towards mitigating against climate change. She will take further, the discussion held recently between the COG and the UN during a round table on Climate Action with the Deputy Secretary of the UN and the Chair of United Nations Sustainable Development Group, Amina Mohammed.

In a high-level COP 27 side event chaired by President William Ruto on Tuesday, on accelerating nationally determined contributions towards forestry and rangelands restoration, Waiguru said that County Governments last year undertook to mitigate the effects of climate change by growing over 10 million trees.

They have also undertaken various initiatives towards reversing ecological and climate emergency for inter and intra generational equity. 

Waiguru noted that recent reports by Kenya Forest Services (KFS) indicate that the current tree cover is at 12.13% and 8.83% forest cover, with most counties showing significant increase in tree and forest cover. 

So far 18 County Governments have enacted their Forest Laws while 43 of them have enacted Climate Change Acts, clearly demonstrating the readiness and commitment of County Governments in climate change mitigation.” said Waiguru.

A group of women working on a farm on a cold weather.

The COG Chair said that among the critical issues to be addressed in order to achieve forest and rangeland restoration include strengthening of county forest departments through personnel and equipment as well as deployment of forest technical advisory personnel from Kenya Forest Services to work closely with county governments. 

She said that the COG and County Governments are ready to partner with the National Government and all key stakeholders to support the ambitious Presidential tree growing initiative. 

During COP26, participants agreed to accelerate the phase-out of coal power and fossil fuel subsidies. The countries further agreed in the Glasgow Climate Pact to amend their plans to cut their carbon emissions in order to keep the world below 1.5°C of warming

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