Willis Raburu Shows Off Body Transformation After Undergoing Bariatric Weight Loss

PHOTO OF;Willis Raburu’s body Transformation.

Media personality Willis Raburu seems to be excited with his new body transformation after undergoing a bariatric weight loss surgery.

Raburu showed off his before and after body on his Instagram page and one can note the great changes.


“The greatest investment you can ever make is on you. When I decided to do the bariatric surgery I was scared but I did it,” he captioned his Instagram video.

The father of three also revealed that ever since he started the weight loss journey, he has lost 30 kgs and still wishes to shed more.

“30kgs down so far….The journey continues,” he stated.

Bariatric surgery is a medical procedure done when exercise and diet control have failed to work or when one has serious health issues because of being obese.

The surgical procedure then limits what one eats or reduces the ability of the body to absorb nutrients.

Raburu once stated during an interview that the Bariatric surgery costed him between Ksh.600K-900K and the change could be noticed in the first month.

“A surgery costs approximately Ksh.600-900k but its cheaper in Kenya compared to other countries like Dubai, Turkey, and Thailand,” he said.

The lively 10 over 10 entertainment show host opted for weight loss since his health was at risk as his cholesterol level and blood pressure were high. He also notes that he has never regretted undergoing the procedure.

“I went to surgery at around May and I don’t regret it one bit. It took 3 days to get out of hospital and a little bit longer to heal,” he said.


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