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Internet Marketing

This is also known as online advertising/online marketing.

It is a form of marketing under advertising which uses the internet to promote products and services to audiences and users.


Types of internet advertising.

  1. Social media advertising

    Utilizes social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, to deliver adverts to the target audiences.

  1. Content advertising

       Primary focus is to attract organic traffic to a website by improving a SEO.

  1. Email advertising

Uses email to promote ones business products or services.

  1. Search engine marketing (SEM)

Involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility serves through advertising.


  1. Display advertising.

It is a type of online ads that combines texts images and URL that links to website where a customer can learn more or bus a product.


  1. Mobile advertising.

Adverts and advert campaigns expressly designed for mobile devices.




Advantages of internet advertising.

  1. Cost efficiency

One of the largest benefits of online advertising is that it is much more affordable compared with other traditional advertising methods. Even on a shoe string budget, business owners can access a fairly wide audience and stretch their marketing dollars further.

Example; Google estimates that for every $1 you spend on Google ads you’ll earn back $2 in revenue. That’s a 200% ROI not something to be sniffed at.


  1. Targeted campaigns.

Traditional media such as flyers, television, billboards and direct mail offer no way to hone in on your target market. Your budget is spent on showering your ad over as many people as possible; in the hope a few will see your message and act. Online advertising gives us much more control.

Websites such as Facebook and Google can tell us who is to target, based on their profiles and search history. This allows us target key messages specifically to those people who are most likely to purchase.


  1. Global reach.

If you have your eyes on overseas markets or are launching an International e-commerce business, online advertising is must. Leverage the existing global reach of platform like Google and Facebook to tell customers all over the world that you are open and ready for business.


  1. Measurable performance.

Online marketing is also a lot easier to measure and quantify. Online analytic tools can help show what’s working for you and what’s not, allowing further targeting of your marketing spend. Other avenues allow you to continually hone and perfect your marketing strategy.


  1. Instant feedback and trust.

Social media allows you contact your audience via many different platforms. Great customer service is one of the most powerful advertising methods, and the internet is a very powerful tool to help your business achieve this within every interaction.


  1. Timely delivery.

While traditional paid advertising such as TVCs and print media can have long lead times, digital advertising can be set live immediately. There’s less capital required to launch online advertising both in terms of money and time. Online advertising is the quickest most efficient way to make that happen.


  1. Keep your customer relationship going

Every customer is valuable. Digital marketing automation makes it possible to stay in touch with these valued customers long after they’ve made a purchase. Continuing your relationship with customers will help your brand to stay relevant and trusted, and ideally become a household.



Features of advertising.

  1. Truthful results.

If you were to purchase bill board space it would be very tough to gauge exactly how much business came from that advertisement. When it comes to online advertising all of the results are cut and dry. You can keep tabs on conversation, phone calls and an overall cost per acquisition that will prove the effectiveness of your online advertising campaign.


  1. Affordable budget.

In the 1980`s if you wanted a make dent in market place in regards to advertising, you would have to have a large budget especially if you wanted to run television advertisements. Now you can have a peanuts budget and still generate new business by creating thrifty campaign that your campaign is profitable; it allows for you to invest more into advertising and grow your business even more.

  1. Instant results.

Isn’t amazing that you can create an advertisement using Google AD words and 15-minutes later, the copy for your ad is appearing in the #1 overall position (for paid) on Google?

Online advertising is a quick way to reach a large audience and a campaign can be pulled off within an hour.


  1. Honing in on your audience.


  1. Reporting

How nice is it at the beginning of each month to receive a beautiful report recapping all of the progress on your campaign? Even if you have a numerous campaigns running on goggle, Facebook and Bing being able to receive data in an organized manner not only saves time, it allows for the decision makers to act promptly on all of the important data.


  1. Flexibility

With a television advertisement companies can invest hundreds of thousands of dollars while taking a gamble on whether or not the campaign will pay dividends.


  1. Guidance






  1. Build a brand; it means not only building a company’s logo and company’s name in the mind of customers, but also what your company stands for.

Well-known brands are typically trusted more by customers, especially when paired with positive associations. The is a great tool for building that trust, because it has a wide reach allows you to directly connect with individuals.


  1. Increase revenue; the primary goal of any marketing strategy is ultimately to increase revenue, and internet marketing is not exception. The internet provides plenty opportunities for every business to improve their bottom line.


  1. Improve local SEO; Many small business, as companies focused on increasing sales in a specific religious region, focus much of their marketing effort on improving their local SEO. This means optimizing various elements their sites in order to attract local customers who are looking for the services they provide.


  1. Increase qualified traffic; almost every business owner engaging in online magazine wants to see more visitors visiting their site and pages. However, it becomes meaningless if they aren’t attracting the right traffic.


  1. Manage good online republican; in a world where anyone with a computer or smartphone can post their opinions and companies, products and services for the whole world to see. It is important for a company to maintain a solid online reputation. This includes monitoring your company’s name, maintaining social profiles and responding to bad reviews accordingly.


  1. Become an influencer in your field
  2. Boost sales
  3. Inform target audience about offers
  4. Remind buyer of the product or brand






Relying on Technology

Of course, e-marketing has many advantages, but it’s completely reliant on technology and the internet. You can’t do anything without modern technological tools like computers, the internet, operating systems, software, and applications. If any of the tools isn’t working, your whole business would be shut down. But it’s completely reliant only on technology, and it makes e-marketing and other relevant businesses very risky.


Privacy & Security Issues

Customers’ privacy and their data security are some of the major issues of our technological time. That’s why customers are hesitant and reluctant to join the new platform because of the privacy and security issues. That’s why it makes it very difficult for new businesses to attract customers on their platform.


Maintenance Cost

E-marketing reduces many costs, but it increases the cost of buying tech tools and maintenance costs. You have to hire developers and tech professionals to manage your web-platform. Tech tools are also very costly to buy. When you combine all of these costs, then it becomes a significant amount of expense to run your business.


Higher Price Competition

Since any tech professional can launch an online business and he’s doing all the work. Therefore, his expenses are very low compared to the person who’s hiring other professionals. Resultantly, tech professionals would offer low price products/services to the customers. That’s why new online businesses have to face huge price competition.









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