High temperatures in Kenya? What you should know

The high temperatures are expected to continue until mid-March 2023.

Up to mid-March 2023, the weatherman predicts that Kenya will continue to experience high temperatures.
Nairobi’s highest recorded temperature in the first week of February was 32 degrees Celsius.
The Rift Valley, central highlands, Lake Victoria Basin, and portions of the southeastern lowlands will continue to have extremely high heat temperatures, according to the Kenya Meteorological Department’s report from last Wednesday, February 1.

The Director of Meteorological Services, Dr. David Gikungu, predicted that after the time of sunshine and dry weather, Nairobi, the southeast lowlands, and the coastal regions will see rain between March and April.

Since then, Kenyans have used social media to discuss their experiences with the rising heat.
In order to prevent the spread of illnesses, the doctor recommends Kenyans to embrace the wearing of facemasks.

According to Muchiri Waiganjo, a dietician at Nairobi’s Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital, the body rapidly dehydrates in hot weather.

“The body struggles to retain water in hot weather. A lot of water consumption aids in controlling body temperature, warding off illnesses, and maintaining healthy organ function, the doctor explained.

According to Waiganjo, symptoms that the body is dehydrated include thirst, the color of the urine, and dehydration headaches.

Headaches caused by dehydration frequently co-occur with other symptoms such dizziness, intense thirst, and dry mouth. After drinking water, getting some rest, and taking painkillers, the discomfort typically goes away.
“An unmoisturized skin could lead to dryness, loss of suppleness, and early aging. It is advised to use skin moisturizers and sunblock during hot weather, especially if you plan to be outside in the sun, according to Waiganjo.
According to experts, taking regular showers during hot seasons aids in controlling body temperature.

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