Nandi Deputy Governor Concerned Over Increase In Persons Identifying As LGBTQ

Nandi Deputy Governor Dr.Yulita Mitei is concerned about the rise in number of persons identifying as LGBTQ in the county.
According to Mitei, homosexuality and lesbianism -which is considered a taboo in Nandi culture – is gaining traction in the county.She claims that, a recent study showed Nandi has more than 1000 people identifying as LGBTQ.

“The sad reality is that it is within us now. As leaders we are shocked by the rising cases of homosexuality in Nandi. It is very appalling…as a community, it is against our culture. Where did we go wrong?” she posed. 


Speaking in Aldai Technical institute over the weekend, Mitei stated that if the vice is not addressed, it will be as seen as a norm.

She called on parents to step in and talk about the vice, especially with school going children.

Her concerns come even as the Anglican churches of Kenya has vehemently took a stand against same sex marriages, arguing that it is against biblical teaching. 

The church led by Archbishop Ole Sapit on Sunday made its objection to a decision by the Church of England, which allowed priests to preside over marriage of same-sex couples known to its congregation.

“We do not recognise any teachings that are extra biblical or contrary to the teachings of the bible, his grace affirms that marriage is a union between a man and a woman, monogamous and heterosexual,” Sapit said in a letter to the Church of England.

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