As per the Kenya Redcross latest assessment 55 percent of the residents of Samburu county are affected by hunger and starvation due to the ongoing drought that is being experienced in country and the residents needs support,the residents of Loosuk had been faced by water problems that posed challenges like low school enrollment as children are sent to search for water in long distances,and women also working for many kilometers looking for water inconveniencing their other domestic work
Kenya red cross has intervened with situation and and solved the water problem.
Samburu county governor Lelit Lelelit thanked the Redcross who have assisted us with water which is enough for both human and livestock consumption,we as county government had no enough budget for this water but red cross have assisted us,and he added that when water is accessible everything will done school enrollment will rise up,women will engage in farming activities which will increase food production.
Redcross Kenya Deputy secretary general Annette Msabeni said that the malnutrition rate for children under 5 years,lactating and expectant is highly likely to rise up.
We have been working with the county government to address the situation like animals and food distribution and integrated medical outreach programs to serve children under 5 years of age and lactating women.She added that we are specifically here today to launch the water project.
Loosuk water project secretary Richard Lenasimoi said that for four years we had been suffering from water problems. Women could go searching for water upto 2.00 am and the area is affected by insecurity.We have found assistance from red cross

samburu drought

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