Wajir residents migrate to Tana River due to drought.

Wajir residents migrate to Tana River due to drought

The biting drought continues to have devastating effects on both human beings and livestock in Northeastern as residents now migrate in search of water and pasture.

So bad in the situation that pastoralists from as far as Mandera and wajir are covering hundreds of Kms to Tana river county in search of the precious commodities for the animals.

Interviews by some of the pastoralists who are now camping at Hambares in Sala ward of Bura sub county, Tana river pointed as desperate situation that has already got out of hand.

Farida Hassan, a resident of Mandera said that the drought-induced migration left them without livelihoods. The village located in Sala ward welcomed them and helped them make makeshift homes for them and their families.

“Most of our livestock died on the way and we thus have no source of food or income. We are requesting the county and national government to come and help us as even our children cannot attend school hungry,” she said.

She appreciated the Hamaresa villagers for their hospitality and welcoming them in spite of them also experiencing similar issues. She also said that the children had not attended school since the drought as well as since they arrived in the village.

Mohamed Mude another migrant blamed the harsh climate for the lack of pasture and water that subsequently caused starvation, migration and the death of their livestock.
Sala ward MCA Mohamud Ali Barrow appealed to Wajir’s elected members to come help the people who voted them into their offices and requested NGO’s such as Red Cross to provide assistance to drought-stricken areas and therefore save lives.
“14km is the distance from Tana River to this village and yet it is the closest source of water and you can therefore be able to tell that the scarcity of water is the major issue here and the surrounding areas. It is thus why I have been sending water trucks,” Said the MCA,

“I would thus like the county government of Tana River in collaboration with the national government to help solve this issue and help the children get back to their education. Likewise, relief food would be appreciated to help support the inhabitants through the drought ,” he added.




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