Raila Odinga Accuses President William Ruto Over Tribalism.

Raila Odinga Accuses William Ruto of Tribalism Following Recent Appointments. He also said, Raila said Ruto’s recent government appointments were for people from two regions, accusing the head of state of discrimination.

During an interview, the former premier claimed that Ruto’s appointments have been from two regions and communities.

Raila said this could be easily confirmed by going through the head of state’s appointments published in the Kenya Gazette.

“Since he got into office, he’s been employing people. But he’s employing people from two communities alone. If it is not from Mt Kenya, then it’s mostly the Rift Valley region. If you look at the gazette notice, you’ll see that is what is happening. We are saying all Kenyans are paying their taxes.” Raila said

Raila stated that it is sad that all Kenyans pay taxes, but when it comes to opportunities, some communities are discriminated against. The ODM leader stated that Kenyans were undergoing discrimination, but most of them did not have a voice to fight for their rights.

“This is discrimination. Meaning some people are not Kenyan, yet they are taxed daily. When it comes to being employed, they’re discriminated against. That is why we’re saying this is not the Kenya we wanted. This Kenya has discrimination where the people don’t have a voice,” he added. 

On Monday, January 23, Raila rubbished Ruto’s Presidential win in the August 9,  2022, general election while giving out a strong speech at Kamukunji Grounds, a firm, Raila said his people did not recognise Ruto as the head of state because of the alleged election rigging .

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