Gov’t Should Stop Blaming Uhuru And Put Its House In Order, MP Mbui Says

Kathiani Member of Parliament (MP) Robert Mbui has appealed to the government to cease blaming former President Uhuru Kenyatta and focus on service delivery.


According to Mbui, it is unfortunate to see the government still fixated on throwing jabs at the former premier yet they are already six months in office.

Speaking on Citizen TV’s Daybreak Show on Monday, the legislator stated that it is high time that the government shifts its priorities and focus on its mandate. 

Kathiani Member of Parliament (MP) Robert Mbui

“The prioritisation of this government is wrong. It’s important they put their house in order and realise that citizens need to be fed,” he said.

“I would advise this government to stop being fixated on former President Uhuru Kenyatta. He is already 6 months out of office and they are still blaming him for things that occurred when its own leader was Uhuru’s deputy.”

Emphasizing the need to have a responsible government, he cited sentiments made by Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua that there is no cheap maize “anywhere in the world.”

Gachagua, during a round table interview with the media on Sunday, said that the conversation around maize availability portrays “a dark future” and that solving the current unga crisis might stall a bit longer.

“I don’t want to portray a very dark future but I want to say that it is not easy and I speak honestly because I believe Kenyans deserve to know the truth because normally if you prepare then it’s normally a good thing,” said Gachagua.

“The only available maize is from South Africa. We are in competition with Angola and Rwanda for the same maize. The maize in Brazil is too expensive to import because of the distance.”

According to MP Mbui, DP Gachagua should be careful not to disenchant citizens and instead provide alternative solutions to address national disasters.

“The Deputy President has to be careful what he tells the masses. You cannot tell people that there is no hope. That is what he needs to be advised. Find solutions and tell people how you are going to slove their problems,” said Mbui.

“When you tell people that there is no maize and there is competition in South Africa we cannot get it and maize in Brazil is too expensive, we don’t want to get out hands dirty yet people are suffering and dying of hunger.”


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