Andrew Kibe regrets marrying to please his church leaders “I should have said no”.

The former radio host Andrew Kibe revealed his pastor claimed God had shown him the woman he (Kibe) was to tie the knot with.

Kibe said he ended his marriage in 2016 after he and his ex-wife were blessed with two kids because marriage was not his thing.

In an interview on Tribe Millionaire Podcast, the former radio host said he was no longer enjoying the marriage. According to Kibe, he had only married to please his church leader, who wanted him to marry, but in the real sense, marriage wasn’t his thing.

“The church called me and I get into the church. Now, I’m in the church for 10 years. While in the church, I got married and got two kids. I woke up from my marriage in 2016. And I was like, you know, this marriage is not for me. I messed up when I was too young. Yeah. Yeah, I had too many women,” Kibe said. 


andrew kibe radio presenter

Previously, Kibe said he was under pressure from the church to marry and he even fasted for three days before he picked his ex-wife. 

“The pastor was my buddy and knew my secrets. I told him I wasn’t ready and had no one in mind but he insisted. Another pastor in the church asked me to fast for three days and then he told me huyu ndio utammarry (this is the one you will marry).” 


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