‘Concentrate On Your Constituency!’ MP Kaluma, Ahmednasir Clash Over LGBTQ+ In Kenya

A side-by-side image of Homa Bay Town MP George Kaluma and lawyer Ahmenasir Abdullahi

Homa Bay Town Member of Parliament Peter Kaluma and lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi have differed regarding the thorny LGBTQ+ subject in the country.
While Kaluma showed his opposition to the practice, renowned lawyer Ahmednasir, popularly known as “Grand Mullah”, appeared to ask the MP to mind his own business and deliver to his constituents.

The war of words started when Kaluma shared and criticised sentiments attributed to United States ambassador to Kenya Meg Whitman, saying the US should not impose its policies on Kenyans as the Kenyan law criminalises LGBTQ+.

“Over the past week my team and I met with the LGBTQI+ community & stakeholders to support human rights of LGBTQI+ persons. The U.S. proudly advances efforts to protect LGBTQI+ persons from discrimination & violence and will continue to stand up for human rights & equality,” Whitman tweeted.

Her sentiments follow what has become a major talking point since the Supreme Court ruled in favour of the LGBTQ+ community having the right of forming lobby groups.

Kaluma responded: “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights talks about the rights of all human persons; men and women. Kenyans will not accept that perverted “sexual orientation” nonsense you’re pushing in Kenya!”

Leaping to her defence, Grand Mullah told off the MP, saying he has more pressing issues for the people of Homa Bay Town.

“Hon Kaluma. You are an MP in Homa Bay. Concentrate on your constituency. The Hon Ambassador is rightly articulating Washington’s policy on the subject. Your vile obsession with the LBGTQ community isn’t wealthy. Hi ni mambo ya Mungu…Btw a person and his God…Wachana!” the lawyer said.

The LGBTQ+ topic has been a hot issue in the country, with political leaders and religious leaders coming out to condemn the ruling and members of the community.

President William Ruto and his deputy Rigathi Gachagua have come out in opposition to the Supreme Court ruling and also against homosexuality.

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