Mwiki building rooftop fall; Police probe death of college student Blair Muthomi

Detectives at the Kasarani police station have launched an investigation into the death of a 23-year-old student, Blair Muthomi, who is suspected to have fallen to his death from a building in Kasarani, Mwiki area.

Muthomi, a mechanical engineering trainee at the Nairobi Technical Training Institute, lived in an apartment alongside two friends in the Kasarani area of Nairobi.

“Tumeweza kuonyeshwa viungo vingi vya mwili, moyo umepasuka, maini yamepasuka, hali yake ilikuwa imesambaratika kabisa,” said Muthomi’s uncle Wycliffe Muriithi.

The incident occurred when Muthomi allegedly fell several feet from the rooftop of the building where he lived and landed head-first in a ditch at a nearby construction site.

His housemates discovered his body shortly after the fall, and the police were immediately notified. A former worker at the construction site, identified as Macharia, was to open the gate for workers to move materials to the rooftop of the building when Muthomi’s housemates followed him.

The deceased was set to graduate in a few weeks and had a promising future ahead of him. According to his family, he was a humble and hardworking son who had bright prospects.

His family is still in shock and disbelief over his sudden demise, and they are struggling to come to terms with the tragic news.

“Nasikia niko na moyo mgumu sana kwa sababu huyu ni kijana yangu ya kwanza. We have not even broken the news to the siblings, we do not know what to tell them,” Muthomi’s mother Kajuju Mwiathi said.

The police have taken his two housemates as persons of interest into custody as part of the investigation, and a post-mortem examination has been conducted on the body of the deceased.

According to pathologists, Muthomi died of injuries to the abdomen and chest that were consistent with the fall. However, the police have not ruled out foul play, given the circumstances surrounding his death.

This incident marks the second such investigation at the Kasarani police station in the last two weeks, following the death of interior designer Jeff Mwathi, who allegedly fell from the tenth floor of a building in Nairobi.

Six people, including renowned Kikuyu musician, DJ Fatxo, are being questioned in connection with Mwathi’s death.

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