Nyeri Governor Says Nyeri Men Will Not Celebrate Valentine’s At Butcheries

Kahiga Mutahi speaking during a past event

Nyeri Governor Mutahi Kahiga has come out to defend men from his county from an accusation that they have limited options when it comes to treating their loved ones on Valentine’s Day.

This is after a TikTok user made a hilarious comment stating that since there are no malls housing fancy hangout spots in Nyeri County, the men are forced to treat their lovers to ugali and meat at butcheries where the girlfriends can’t help falling asleep due to the weight of the food.

“Governor Mutahi Kahiga, can you stop everything that you are doing including the construction of roads and first of all bring to the people of Nyeri either a Java, KFC or even Chicken inn where Nyerians can go for a date instead of going to butcheries to eat meat and ugali.

“Can you imagine going for Valentine’s date to a butchery, eating ugali which makes one feel sleepy and you forget the flowers in the butchery?” wrote the TikToker identified as Mbote Njogu.

A day after Mbote’s video went viral, the governor in his response indicated that despite his county lacking malls, KfC and Java outlets, he is confident that his county produces coffee or potatoes that make equally good products.

The Governor asked the TikTok user to go slow and watch as the girls in Nyeri will be treated in even better places with serene environments and great ambience.

“We are prepared for 14th and we will not take them to the butcheries as you thought but we have hotels and flowers to them and we will proceed to take them to places for enjoyment,” Kahiga said.

“So as you talk about Java and KFC remember we are the ones who grow the potatoes.”

The Governor also vowed to reach out to the KFC and Java to have them consider setting up in the region.

“We heard your concerns and yesterday I tried to reach out to KFC and we will continue trying to reach out to them and also java. But remember we are the ones who grow coffee,” he said.

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