Property Worth Millions Destroyed In Lamu Fire

A huge fire on Wednesday afternoon burned down two houses and a furniture store in Kamkunji area, Lamu county.

According to the residents, the fire may have started as a result of an electric fault in one of the houses, but this is yet to be confirmed.

Speaking about the incident, a local leader within area, Barke Ali, told Wananchi Reporting that water shortage occasioned by the current drought affected rescue efforts.

“The fire spread very fast to the neighbouring houses. The residents had to travel far to fetch water to try and fight the fire,” she said. 

Adding that: “We do not have enough water in this area, especially now that there is drought.”

According to Barke, property worth millions was consumed in the fire.

Police rushed to the scene of the fire as residents tried to contain it in vain.

Investigations have began into the incident.

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