It’s a slave love whereby one begs for love and attention from the other partner who seems not to care about it.


There’s something about unrequited love that just feels so special. It stirs up all sorts of complex emotions that can’t be explained. Whether it’s because it’s forbidden or because it’s something that we’re not supposed to feel, unrequited love is something that really gets to us.Its like a one sided relationship where you don’t actually get what you want to receive.

Looking back, unrequited love often feels like the first time we truly fell in love. It’s the first time that we were vulnerable and open and we allowed ourselves to be pulled in by someone who we knew couldn’t or wouldn’t reciprocate our feelings.

Unrequited love is often referred to as “the love that loves not” because, while it can be incredibly beautiful and rewarding, it is also vulnerable and difficult. It’s a love that requires a lot of compromise, a lot of patience and a lot of pain.

Despite all of that, unrequited love is something that should be appreciated and cherished. It’s a love that matters and, even though it might not always feel that way, it’s the love that really means something.Even though it’s a one sided love,it is not as crime to fall in love with someone.

There are a few factors that can contribute to unrequited love. The first is that sometimes people are just not compatible with each other. A person may be great friends with someone, but not be sexually compatible. Another problem is that people can be attracted to someone but may not be able to act on those attractions. Sometimes people can be scared or unwilling to let go of a relationship that doesnt work out.

There are many indicators that someone is in unrequited love. For some people, subtle signs may be overlooked or taken for granted, while for others they may be painfully obvious. Here are a few tips to help you identify if someone you care for is in unrequited love:

1. Pay Attention to Their Actions: If the person you’re in love with seems to be doing everything they can to avoid you, it may be a sign they’re harbouring romantic feelings for you but are afraid to act on them. This can include staying away from you, ignoring your text messages, or changing their activity level around you. 

2. Observe Their Gut Feelings: When it comes to love, intuition is often a much more accurate tool than logic. If the person you’re in love with makes you feel butterflies in your stomach even though you know they don’t feel the same way, it’s likely they’re attracted to you. If the opposite is true — if you rarely feel butterflies in your stomach around them and their presence makes you feel stressed or paranoid, it’s likely they don’t feel that way about you either.

3. Listen to Their Song Lyrics: If the person you’re in love with loves expressing themselves through song lyrics, take notice. While not every detail in a song is indicative of a relationship, lyrics that speak to a person’s unrequited love often contain veiled references to their feelings. For instance, a loved one may write about how they can’t wait to be alone in the night or how they wish they could take the pain away. These lyrics may speak to the person’s feelings of loneliness and longing, which can help you determine if they’re in unrequited love.

4. Watch Their Body Language: Over time, your body will start to betray your emotions. If the person you’re in love with consistently looks down or away when you’re talking to them, it’s likely they don’t feel comfortable with your presence. Additionally, if they seem tense or guarded when you’re around them, it may be a sign they’re unsure about how you’ll react to them. If you see these signs and think the person you care for may be in unrequited love, it’s important to reach out to them for clarification

If you love someone and they don’t love you back, there are a few things you can do to try and get over it. First, you should try and accept the situation. Don’t keep looking for reassurance that the person you love loves you back; that will only make you more anxious. Second, it can help to talk to someone who will understand what you’re going through. Finally, make sure you have a good support system around you; someone who you can talk to about your emotions and who will offer you a listening ear.

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