Government ignored our invitations for dialogue, no option but express our frustrations

Nairobi Senator Edwin Sifuna has claimed that ignored requests by Azimio la Umoja to have a dialogue with the government is the reason behind the vehement anti-government protests.

Senator Sifuna claimed that Azimio has been making efforts to engage the government to discuss pertinent matters ailing Kenyans including the cost of living, calls which have gone unanswered.

Speaking on Citizen TV’s Daybreak show on Thursday, Sifuna noted that Azimio was then forced to start protesting against the government, as the constitution provides such an avenue.

nairobi senator Edwin Sifuna

“There were certain issues that we felt were critical and the administration would address, one is the fact that Kenyans continue to feel the high cost of living the question of when the cost of unga is going to come down has always been a moving target,” said Sifuna.

He added: “Unfortunately our brothers on the other side have ignored our invitations to dialogue and we are left with no option but to express our frustration through what our constitution has allowed us to use.”

“The window for dialogue has closed because we were hoping we would discuss these issues within the time frame that we gave.” 

He went on to add that the nationwide rallies, led by Azimio’s boss Raila Odinga, have unfortunately been labelled as violent protests.

azimio la umoja rallies

Sifuna argued that there have been no reports of looting or fights during the protests and that they are acting within the confines of Kenyan law.

“We have seen an attempt to stigmatize opposition protests. None of our public barazas have any incidents of looting, injury, fights, or destruction of property. They have been peaceful yet people continue to characterise us as violent people,” he said.

“We understand the law and our rights and we intend to exercise them.”

The Nairobi Senator affirmed that the protests are solely aiming to benefit the Kenyan folk and not for self-gain.

“There is nobody in Azimio’s leadership who is not able to afford unga, so we are not doing this for ourselves. I am paid a salary in parliament but this is about giving a voice to the people who elected you.”

Sifuna noted that Azimio will not halt the protests until the government meets the promises it made to Kenyans.

“As Julius Malema down in South Africa has said, you cannot tell somebody that you will eat in 6 months’ time. We are hungry now, we will eat now.”

Azimio plans to hold another public rally today in Nakuru today ahead of a ‘State House storm’ set for Monday, March 20.

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