Murang’a Police Shooting Probe: Body Of One Man Had 9 Gunshot Wounds

An autopsy report conducted by the Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA) officers has revealed that one of the suspects in the Unaitas Sacco robbery incident in Murang’a, was shot nine times.

The suspect, who has since been identified as Joseph Kamau, an ex-police officer, was found to have three gunshot wounds in the head and six in the body.

The autopsy was conducted in Murang’a district hospital in presence of the family members and IPOA officers.
According to Pathologist Kamotho Watenga, three bullets on Kamau’s head had entry and exit points, but the other six bullets on his back had no exit points.

The report also revealed that the robbery suspect might have died of gunshot wounds but also had bruises on the legs, wrists and back indicating that he could have been hit with a blunt object.

Watenga said an X-ray scan would be performed on the body to establish whether the bullets are still stuck inside the body and that ballistic experts would be able to tell if the deceased was shot at a close range.

Even though the body of the second suspect is yet to be identified, Kamau has already been identified as a 30-year-old father of two young children.

His father, Francis Kangethe who was also present during the autopsy expressed his disappointment in his son’s brutal death, calling for heightened investigations on the case.

Kangethe who dismissed the police reports on Kamau’s death maintained that his son was obedient and he was shocked to learn of his death.

“We found out about his death through social media. We urge the state to come clean, offer details on how our kin died even as we hope we will get justice,” he said.

“When I saw the first photo, I was expecting that he would be taken to court, but the turn of events was shocking, and we are having many questions. The family was shocked by his death.”

Kang’ethe said his son had served in the police service for five years from 2017 to 2021 but was dismissed for deserting duties.
The last week’s incident that has since left police officers on the spot saw the DCI post images showing the two suspects in handcuffs and later the same men dead.

Central Kenya Regional Commissioner Fredrick Shisia came out in defence of the police on Tuesday saying the pair allegedly died in a crossfire between the police and fellow gang members as they were taking the police to their hideout.

The duo is suspected to be part of a gang that staged a daylight-armed robbery on Saturday morning at the Unaitas Sacco branch in Murang’a and got away with millions of shillings, and a riffle from one of the policemen guarding the facility.

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