Vera Sidaka and her expectant baby
Vera Sidaka and husband Brown Mauzo

Vera Sidika and singer Brown Mauzo held a lavish gender reveal party at Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club in Nairobi with the couple expecting their second child together.

Vera first started by sharing a video of her, Brown Mauzo, and their baby Asia boarding a limousine with a caption that stated clearly that they were headed for the gender reveal party.

“En route to our royal gender reveal party. Is it a boy or a girl? Get to find out the gender of our second one with us. I can’t wait omg,” captioned Vera.

Vera could be seen taking a glass of champagne alongside her husband as baby Asia looked on, probably wondering what was going on.

Vera then posted the venue of the party inviting her guests by assuring them that the party was going to be elegant and classy.

What followed next was a video of Mauzo singing to Vera while carrying baby Asia. There were other instrumentalists who tuned in to Mauzo’s lyrics as he celebrated the big day with his family.

Vera indicated in the video that she loves her family so much and that she was curious to know the gender of her unborn baby.

Is it a boy or a girl?

The climax of the gender reveal party left people talking after learning that the couple was using a chopper to reveal the gender of their baby.

The chopper hovered over their heads as the blue smoke/powder came out to indicate that they were expecting a baby boy.

Vera was happy after finding out that she was expecting a boy and she shared an emotional post after the whole event.

Omg, I’m screaming! We having a boy! Damn. A dream come true. I finally have my boy. Our 1st gender reveal party was epic.

“This time, we wanted something unique & different so we went for a chopper reveal. Team blue whoop! Asia is daddy’s girl. We’ll finally have mommy’s boy. I’m so grateful to God for our growing family,”

Businesswoman Vera Sidika has been told that she is setting standards for gender reveals in Kenya.

On March 9, Vera and her husband Brown Mauzo held a lavish gender reveal for their unborn baby.

A helicopter announced the gender of the child, with Kenyans left in awe as to how meticulous she was.

Days later, fans are telling Vera that indeed others are feeling the pressure to go all out for their parties.

She was asked by several fans on Sunday, March 9 how she feels about making others feel it’s a competition.

Vera showed videos of a helicopter announcing the gender of her baby and the impressive decor for her party.

Vera in a Q&A with fans Sunday, March 12, denied having already delivered her baby boy. 

This is in contradiction to the claims by a close source that her baby had arrived and she was keeping it a secret.

Several disbelieving fans accused her of having already delivered, but she countered their claim she told.

How soon is the baby coming? “Very soon actually, in a few weeks,” she further claimed.

It remains a case of he said she said. Until then congratulation to Vera and Mauzo for their bundle of joy.

Vera says this will all be answered on March 16 when the episode airs.

Vera has a scheduled CS to deliver her baby.

In her Instagram, Vera had already shared that she was expecting a son. She flaunted the classy details on her social media. From getting picked up by a limousine to the classy outdoor decor to popping expensive champagne. 

The gender reveal was done using a chopper, she said that she wanted to do things. From snippets of probably the fourth episode of the RHO Nairobi, Vera disclosed that she wanted a boy and had a feeling it would be a boy. She even shopped for boy clothes.

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