Wema Sepetu- I am not pregnant

Sepetu has trouble conceiving due to several abortions carried out in the past

• Wema Sepetu says if she was to get pregnant she wouldn’t make the news public.

• The former beauty queen wants a baby boy.

Tanzanian star Wema Sepetu has denied rumours of being pregnant. The former Miss Tanzania said she wouldn’t announce her pregnancy to the world even if she was.

In an Instagram post, she said;

“Angalizo..!!! Kile ni kipindi… I am not Pregnant YET…!!! Na hata kama nikishika mnahisi nitasema kweli…?🤔🤔 Yaani ndo ile Mungu kasema, “Sasa acha nikubariki tumbo lako Wema” , afu PAAP “MIMBA”… Sisemi Ng’o…!!! Ila Naitamani jamani…🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ Tuseme Inshallah… 🤲🏼🤲🏼🤲🏼.”

(I am not pregnant. Even when I get pregnant, do you think I will talk about it? Like when God says, ‘Let me bless your womb’ and then I get pregnant, I will not tell y’all. But I wish for pregnant. Lets all say Inshallah)

She added that she needed a baby boy.

“Afu sasa kawe ka kiume kafanane na mama wake…🥰🥰🥰(Just thinking for myself)”

​_(And then it will be even better if its a baby boy that looks like his mother)

Last year, Sepetu and her boyfriend Whozu disclosed that they got a miscarriage.

“Wema was pregnant in August. When it was about three months, we argued and almost broke up. I was the one who was on the wrong and I had gotten angry at Wema and couldn’t get myself to listen to her. I wanted to just break up with her. ” Whozu explained

“I didn’t know that that would affect the pregnancy. I wasn’t a gentleman, I love her and I felt she had hurt me. “



“She begged for my forgiveness and I couldn’t listen. I was given the news that she had undergone a miscarriage.”

“She send me a message saying ‘That’s what you wanted, are you happy?’ I felt confused and she cried a lot.”

“I asked myself many questions. I regretted.”

Sepetu on the other hand hinted that she hasn’t given up on looking for a child. She added that the doctors had advised her to stay away from stress and be on bed rest.

“When we argue, it stays between us and we don’t like to put it in the open. I don’t want to involve people in a lot of what really happens in our lives. We love to see people see us love each other but keep the problems to ourselves.”

“Yes, it happened and I really don’t like to talk about it because its something I wouldn’t want to see happen again and I wasn’t happy about it. “

“Its a problem I have had. I spoke to my doctors and they said I needed proper bed rest. I shouldn’t be stressed.”

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