Hundreds of mourners attend Baba Mona’s last live TikTok show on earth

Thousands of mourners and TikTokers from different parts of the country travelled to Kisumu on Saturday for the burial of popular TikToker Kevin Oselu, alias Baba Mona, his daughter and one of his sisters.

Baba Mona, his child and his two sisters all died in a grisly road accident on Londiani-Muhoroni highway on February 24.

They were heading to their Awasi home when their vehicle veered off the road as it approached the Tunnel trading centre in Siwot location, Kipkelion East Constituency. The vehicle reportedly hit guard rails and was reduced to a mangled wreck.

One of the sisters, Belinda Oselu, was buried last Wednesday at Ayweyo village – the home of her husband’s grandmother – near Ahero town.

The TikTokers who attended Saturday’s funeral ceremony included Mama Jacky, Akenya, Asoro, Mtumba Man and Leah Alingo. They eulogised Baba Mona as a women’s rights defender who gave a voice to single mothers.

“He also loved peace, interacted freely with everyone and loved his daughter, Mona, more than anything else,” said TikToker Evans Akenya, who was a close friend of the deceased.

According said Baba Mona, who was traveling home that fateful day, had planned to attend a charity event alongside other friends the following day and had brought food stuff for the same.

Benjamin Opiyo, also known as Ben Rex, said: “God gave and has taken but the Bible tells us that in the end, just like he doubled what he took from Job, he will do the same for this family.”

He said the TikTokers had been working closely with the family and had raised Sh2.6 million to help with the burial.

Baba Mona’s father, Thomas Oselu eulogised his son and daughters as loving, obedient and hardworking children.

“Losing four family members at once is not something I would wish on anyone, I have been asking myself what I did to deserve all this but I have left everything to God,” he said.

Ms Rose Mary Omoso, Belinda’s mother-in-law, described her as a loving and happy person who was fond of every family member.

“We were proud to have a daughter-in-law who was educated and would uplift the family, but we only got to stay with her for a very short time,” said Ms Omoso.

She said she last spoke to Belinda after they arrived in Nakuru, and that they had promised to stop over in Ayweyo, Kisumu, before proceeding to their home.

Belinda also told her she would spend a night at her in-law’s house before leaving for a family meeting at their home in Awasi the next day.

“The four, together with their parents, were also planning to attend a prayer session at Got Kwer, Migori County,” she said.

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